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Things You Can Do

Here are some practical things you can do everyday to help change things. Try a few, or all if you’d like :).

  1. #FlaggeditIf you see one of those really obnoxious memes on facebook, did you know you can anonymously flag it as inappropriate? If it’s a widely shared image, you can flag it as “Hate speech, or symbol.” but we suggest going the extra mile and posting the link to the image on twitter with the hashtag #flaggedit so that others can flag it as well.
  2. #Notbuyingit. If you weren’t already aware, Miss Representation has a twitter campaign that encourages you to hashtag #notbuyingit when you see marketing that objectifies or degrades women.
  3. Don’t Support Rape Culture. When you hear someone making a joke, or trivializing rape, say something.  When you hear someone questioning whether or not the victim of rape is lying, say something.  And we can’t stress how important it is for the guys to start doing this. Pretend it is your best friend, sister, mother they are talking about- whatever makes you take it seriously.  We need to create a culture of intolerance to sexual violence.
  4. Be Careful What You Say Around Young Girls. Pretend you’re everyones role model. Don’t call yourself fat, or dwell on the physical traits you don’t like about yourself.  You’re setting them up for the same kind of negative thinking and self hatred. Instead, try complimenting them on something other than their appearance.
  5. Even Better, Be Careful What You Say to Yourself.  We know it’s super hard, but maybe try for a week, when you see yourself in the mirror, to tell yourself two things you like about your body instead of something you don’t.  Tell yourself two things that you like about yourself not related to your body.
  6. Have Heroes.  Learn about inspiring women who you can look up to.  It helps to see that someone else has done it, and will maybe even give you the confidence you need to do it as well.
  7. Don’t Hate on the Nice Boys.  Guys, that means you too. Boy’s have just as much pressure to live up to an impossible gender standard. Don’t discourage them from being sensitive, caring, compassionate and sometimes teary.  Especially young boys.  And ladies, be careful with the nice boys.  We are all for gals and guys being friends- but if he likes you, as in- has a crush on you– be careful with his heart.  Don’t purposely string him along or play with his feelings- because he has them.
  8. Be Educated.  Know about the issues and the sources of the problems.  Keep up with what’s going on in our country (and the world).  Know about legislation.  We’ll try to link to current events in our blog, but be on the look out for new changes as well.  We suggest Google Readers ;).
  9. Don’t Seek Attention from Male Strangers.  We all like a nice compliment- but know the difference between a heartfelt compliment and a man publicly degrading you.  Nothing says respect like a guy “holla-ring at you” out the car window.  So whether you change your response or just the way you think about it- don’t let the male attention you get, define you for better or worse.
  10. Be Yourself. 
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