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We are two best friends in our twenties who are pretty passionate about peace and love :).  We are making this blog for everyone who seems afraid to call themselves feminists.  This is an effort to present a fresh take on feminism and make it accessible to our generation.

At one point the word feminism seemed scary to us too.  We thought to ourselves,
“I’m too girly to be a feminist, I don’t dislike boys, that’s too radical for me, etc. etc..” But   feminism today is not about blaming individuals or having an aggressive attitude towards “girliness,” or men. We wanted to include you in our reflections on how feminism has changed the way we think about society as well as our daily struggles in wading through the complexities of feminism to make it functional in our lives.

We want to include everyone- no matter what race, class, sexual orientation or gender- in this reinvented feminism and encourage you to start forming your own ideas on how to improve society.

note: we will not tolerate any messages of hate- so if that’s what you’re into, please comment elsewhere.  Let’s keep it classy ;).