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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is one of the most famous faces of a high powered women.  Her position as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration provides a female face among many many men in the United States government.  A successful senatorship and kick-ass campaign for presidency in 2008 showed the country that women belong in government.   Best of all, Hillary is widely known for openly supporting issues she values.  When she was first lady during the Clinton administration, she campaigned heavily for healthcare reform and universal healthcare unafraid of what must have been strong (and sometimes nasty) opposition.  Too often today, a woman with political or professional power is criticized for being cold, power hungry, or self interested.  When you peel back the layers of this sort of criticism, it’s revealed that it’s a fear of sharp, hardworking and outspoken women. Frankly, this type of hater-aid is superficial and silly.

If you want to check out one speech that shows her awesomeness click here.


Perhaps our favorite feminist blog.  Jezebel makes feminism cool. Read it.

Jill Abramson

The Gray Lady finally got a mother.  Jill Abramson became executive editor of the New York times on September 6th 2011.  It is the first time in the paper’s hundred and sixty years that it will employ a woman in this position.

Before the promotion, Abramson, 57, was the paper’s managing editor so she pretty much already kicked butt in the newspaper industry.  Now her name will rest at the top of the masthead.

According to the New Yorker when she interviewed with the New York Times she said, “All I ever want is to be a reporter on the best newspaper in the world.”   To which Clifton Daniel, assistant managing editor responded “That’s good, because I can assure you no woman will ever be an editor at the New York Times.”

Well pfft. There you have it, never say never struggling feminists because you just don’t know what might be in store!

Jenna Marbles

On the surface, she might not be the poster child for feminism (come on… she worked for barstool sports) but WE LOVE HER.  We watch her videos religiously.  From her very first video we could tell she was calling bullshit on beauty expectations. We’ve all seen it… but we know you want to watch it again.

Besides the fact that she’s HILARIOUS and our personal level 1 girl crush, her videos are great satires on society.  She even got called a feminist for this video, which started a nationwide anti-creeper movement.  She is quirky and not afraid to be herself.  Honestly, she makes it cool to be weird.

Ok here’s one more because we can’t help ourselves!

“Sweet Dee” Reynolds

Maybe Adam Carolla (whoever that is) should watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, because not only can Kaitlin Olsen hold her own, she often times makes the show.  Dee Reynolds is a neurotic asshole, and we definitely wouldn’t want to be her, but we would love to be friends with Kaitlin Olsen.  Originally, the shows creators hadn’t written Sweet Dee as a strong comedic presence.  But Kaitlin Olsen’s pure hilariousness is now vital to it’s always sunny.

oh whoopsie- that was kitten mittens…. here the real video is.

Ryan Gosling

DUH. Because not only is he adorably cuddly and sweet, he’s also dead sexy.  He is living proof that a man doesn’t need to be tough, aggressive and emotionally detached to have every girl in love with him.

He also made this statement when the film Blue Valentine got a NC17 rating for a scene in which his character performed oral sex on his co-star, Michelle Williams’ character:

“You have to question a cinematic culture which preaches artistic expression, and yet would support a decision that is clearly a product of a patriarchy-dominant society, which tries to control how women are depicted on screen. The MPAA is okay supporting scenes that portray women in scenarios of sexual torture and violence for entertainment purposes, but they are trying to force us to look away from a scene that shows a woman in a sexual scenario, which is both complicit and complex. It’s misogynistic in nature to try and control a woman’s sexual presentation of self. I consider this an issue that is bigger than this film.”

Read more about this here. Also… check out two blogs we love: The Feminist Ryan Gosling and Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a puppy?

The Randoms

It takes a lot of courage to be an average person, without a PR department, an interesting tag line, or hilarious comedic timing to speak up about issues.  In a world with some of the meanest internet trolls, how do you stand for what you believe in on the Internet?

If you put your face on the web to speak about what you believe in (and not just feminism, but any topic that moves you) than you are our hero.

For instance:

RE: Anti-Feminism
This is a sincere and peaceable response to a video that brushes off feminism for being restrictive and insulting.  A real person, driven to put her face on the internet because of something she cared about? KICK-ASS.

Our Moms

And last but certainly not least our mommies! Not only because we each think that our mom is the best mom in the world, but because…. they are.  Both of our mom’s continue to work towards their goals professionally and never gave up on their youthful dreams to make a difference.  Both our moms set pretty impressive examples of kindness, tolerance and strength.  And a shout out goes to K’s brothers and father, who have been the most wonderful male influences a girl could ask for.  To K’s grandma- who’s spunky spirit and strength continues to inspire her.  A shout out to M’s lil sis for being her friend and for giving her someone for whom she always wants to be a roll model.  To her Dad, for believing in all of the women in his family- all four- with just one bathroom… in the whole house.

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