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Jenna Marbles Does it Again: Sports Bras and the Olympics

August 14, 2012

First off, Jenna Marbles… I LOVE YOU.  Nothing I write could come close to how stupid Jenna Marbles makes this guy look by simply putting on a sports bra followed by a bikini.  Now,  I sort of doubt that all olympic athletes would have as dramatic a transformation (Jenna is quite busty) BUT she makes some really important points.

We don’t know what the olympic athletes bodies really look like.  Despite the misleading skintight jumpsuits and leotards, we do NOT know what their bodies really look like without clothing. And this is as it should be.  Because frankly… this is not a Miss Universe contest.  These women are not here to model swimsuits and show of their “femininity” and get bonus points for doing so.

Yet some reason, the media is obsessed in their efforts to objectify olympic athletes.  If you google female olympic athletes, scores of videos and articles containing the word “sexiest” and “sexy” grace the top of the page.  Here’s one video displayed at the top of the page:

And this is not to say that we do not do this to men- because we do.  A quick google search will reveal that the “hottest” male athletes articles come up as well.  Admiring the incredible physique and strength of these athletes bodies is one thing, criticizing  or objectifying is quite another.  Men receive no criticism for being strong or too in shape, but apparently women should be soft and delicate.

Yes, this video features some muscular women with six packs and rock hard thighs…. but mostly its shots of tennis players bouncing breasts, volley ball players asses, athletes posing in bikinis or even nude, women opening their mouths or sticking out their tongues(?).  The women who are featured are obviously strong (they are in the olympics) but that is not why they are featured.  These women are featured for their conventional femininity.  This so called “talk sport magazine,” isn’t making a video of the strongest or most impressive female athletes.  Which brings us back to something our society- and pretty much the world- can’t quite get past: Strength and power should be reserved for men- and it should be sexual attractiveness that is celebrated in women.

Jenna states that “there is a time and a place for watching girls being sexual objects while doing something athletic… and it’s called a Strip Club. So if you’d like to go there, you can go ahead and do that.” Now I do not personally support strip clubs, but she could not be more right. Come on people, this is the Olympics we’re talking about!

How about next year we focus on what the Olympics is really about- and that is not women on a stage modeling bikinis and representing how sexy each country is.

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