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Candy Crowley Slotted to Moderate Second Presidential Debate

August 13, 2012

After mounting pressure to employ a woman as a host for the 2012 presidential debate, Candy Crowley from CNN became the second woman to be awarded the respected slot in 20 years.  Crowley will host the second presidential debate on October 16.

Let’s  get to know her!

Crowley, 63,  is a CNN political correspondent with a great track record as U.S. presidential, gubernatorial, and Senate elections.  Crowley is the anchor of the Washington bureau’s Sunday morning talk show called State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

Crowley graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Virginia with a B.A. in English.  She started her broadcasting career at a Washington D.C. radio station as a newsroom assistant, became an anchor for Mutual Broadcasting and White House correspondent for the AP (jeez!) She transferred to CNN where she hosted what became The Situation Room.  In 2010 she replaced the anchor of the State of the Union.

As you may know the pressure to place a woman as host comes from a New Jersey high school.  Elena Tsemberis, Emma Axelrod, and Sammi Siegel started a position to call the Commission on Presidential Debates to select a female moderator for at least one of the three presidential debates.

The petition assumes that women are actually less likely to be considered than their male counterparts.  Some may wonder, might it depreciate the quality of host to chose from only women.  After all, if gender doesn’t really matter then could this kind of affirmative action actually force the commission to choose a host less fit?

Well no firstly because Candy Crowley is not only well respected, knows her stuff, and is overall awesome.  Also secondly Frank Fahrenkopf the co-chairman of the Debate COmmision told POLITICO that the process is actually 2 years.

Secondly, if the Debate Commission (which I trust with years and years of experience and tradition chosen these people) choses a woman it couldn’t be better for politically interested females. This world full of old men has a new face for a night and I couldn’t be happier.  You can’t be what you can’t see? Well maybe.  But the nation will see a woman grilling these men and maybe some percentage of people will come to realize it’s not so unnatural it just is.

Furthermore, ABC’s Martha Raddatz will host the vice presidential face off between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan.


Peace and Love,


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