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Women’s Volleyball No Longer the Official Home of the Bikini-Bod

August 7, 2012

While I wasn’t into the Olympics for a good while, it only took a couple nights of nothing else to do but watch the games to find myself glued to the television. Not to be cliché, because this topic is SO overdone but let’s talk about the women’s volleyball games.

Women’s Volleyball is an obvious topic to point out mainstream sexism. The women, commentators, and audience all know that besides ferocious athleticism, a large draw of these games is the toned women flying across the screen in tiny bikinis. Think a classy version of women’s wrestling.

Here’s the new news though: up until March 2012 women were required to wear bikinis unless it was very cold.

It is not the actual bikini-wearing that is troubling to me. I believe Misty May when she says that she is comfortable in a bikini and holds onto her self-esteem knowing that she can take anyone fully clothed in the weight room as well.

So just because May says that bikinis do not degrading her to a sex object, doesn’t mean that other women will feel the same way. To change the way the world views women’s volleyball from sexist to not means giving a little breathing room to this teeny tiny uniform.

Hopefully this rule reversal does just that.  The requirement discouraged so many including young women of all different shapes and sizes. Girls playing in college or high school should not think top levels for a volleyball athlete necessarily means wearing a bikini.

Furthermore what about women from countries where religious beliefs forbid them from showing that much of their body? Forget about it.

In March, when the rule changed, Women’s Volleyball moved in the right direction. Think about an Olympics where some women wear body suits and others bikinis and maybe some even find a way to move in t-shirts and shorts!

Peace and Love,


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