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How to Dress Like a Fabulous Feminista

August 4, 2012

1. Wear what you want.

That is all.  There are no rules.  Yup….. So many people have this misconception that feminism has this set of all encompassing rules that will shun you if you do not follow them.  It’s not. In fact, that’s sort of the point: Be yourself.

Not to say trying to implement feminist beliefs into everyday life is easy- This is literally an everyday struggle.  I want my style to represent me, flatter me, and look good. But I don’t want to play into gender norms or exploit my body.  I used to have a lot of trouble defending myself as a feminist when people would criticize me for wearing short dresses or heels.  But my understanding of feminism has changed a lot since then. It seems much simpler to me now because I see feminism merely as holding the belief that women should be viewed and treated as human beings.

And frankly, -no matter what you wear- you should be viewed and treated as a human being.  I would still encourage every young girl to be critical of the things society and the media are trying to tell her about herself, because only you should define you. But feminism celebrates the fact that women can be individuals with individual styles, personalities, and goals- that not all women are told to play one role… that you have the freedom to choose.

So wear your party dress and heels… or wear your fedora and combat boots. Wear what ever you want! Just make sure that how you look does not determine your self worth.

Peace and Love,


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